"Not enough time" is a short pixel-art point & click adventure. It is a sequel to Uncle Lee strikes again and Once upon a Möbius strip, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone game as well. Our improved recipe features 500% more characters than the previous games!

You play as Ines, a 15-year-old girl who's on her way to Lake Fenfef for a relaxing trip with her uncle. Things, however, are never that easy when uncle Lee is involved, and she ends up stranded in time with nothing but a broken reality-fixing device™.

An unfinished version of this game was submitted to the 2023 Adventure Jam. The unfinished version ca be found here.

How to play

  • Left-click or right-click to move the character or interact with the highlighted object.
  • Dialogue lines can be skipped by pressing the "." (period) key, but the binding can be changed through the option menu.
  • Press F11 to toggle fullscreen mode (binding can be changed).
  • Press and hold ESC  to skip cutscenes (binding can be changed).
  • The window is resizable.


  • Andrea Cerbone (Cerbo) - writing, art and animation
  • Paolo Cotrone (shamisenorchestra) - writing, original music
  • Giuseppe Sellaroli (apicici) - writing, programming, additional art and sounds, font design
  • Amanda Garcia - French and Mexican Spanish translations


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ines-in-not-enough-time-linux-x64.zip 11 MB
Version 4
ines-in-not-enough-time-macos-x64.zip 17 MB
Version 3
ines-in-not-enough-time-windows-x64.zip 10 MB
Version 3
ines-in-not-enough-time-windows-x86.zip 9 MB
Version 3
Walktrough (read at your own risk).pdf 34 kB

Development log


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I honestly like the sixties music and suspicious plant but the game is not fun for me am still gonna give it a three though other people still like it and should try it!


You just got a new fan (on the grumpy side ofc)! Keep going guys! 

We're glad you liked it!


I had an absolute blast with this - so reminiscent of adventure games I played in childhood. Loved the humour ~

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it :)

Will the engine be released for other game makers?

Probably not the full engine because it's too much tailored to the way I do things, but plan to release the main parts of the engine as libraries. One of them (the pathfinding one) I already released.

And how about a save file to not start from beginning each time?

I know, that's the only big thing missing from my engine at this point. I still haven't figured out how to best deal with it. Working on it!

Game states in a table then saved?

(1 edit)

Essentially that's the plan, the real problem is that I did not code things with loading state in mind, so I would have to revisit everything for saving to work.

(1 edit) (+1)

Got it. That was fun.

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Neat game.

If you get bored by slow dialogs, just go to options and configure the button to skip dialogs to a mouse press instead of weirdly chosen ".".


fyi “.” is the key for skipping dialogue in all the LucasArts adventure games from the 90s, which are like the foundational works in this genre, so I would say it’s incorrect to call it “weirdly chosen”; it is in fact a pretty widespread genre convention at this point…that said, it’s understandable that someone who hasn’t played all those games wouldn’t think of “.” as their first instinct.

But for me (someone who has played tons of old adventure games) it was very intuitive, i.e. I guessed it without even looking at the controls :)

(1 edit) (-1)

I used to play them, but we used mouse, it's been long time anyway and UX and standards change. So let's keepngood stuff from that time and enjoy progress in UI/UX.