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done and found passwords..yipee got 3rd items a brilliant distaster ending and love the credits musics. well done you creators!  not telling anyone what is the password( secret) between me and you. brilliant game and interesting game.. bravo i give you a rating of 9/10 for your game.. thankyou..

Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed the game!

solid design, looking forward to more games from you!

I've almost got everything, but I can't figure out the password. Any hints? :D

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I assume you already tried asking uncle Lee. Maybe looking at the window will give you some ideas ;)


omg xD

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See here for a more detailed hint. Let me know if that helps!


This was pretty awesome. Same feel as Day of the Tentacle. I wish it was longer.


We're definitely planning to make a longer point and click adventure in the future!

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nice retro

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